2 Tone Boxing Club

Rock Steady Boxing Cleveland East
free boxing classes for those with Parkinsons
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330 801-9997 

Rock Steady Boxing

InMotion offers daily classes in  Exercise, Better Every Day, Mindful Movement, Tai Chi, Boxing and more. 
Visit for this month’s schedule or contact at, 216 342-4417

Fighting against Parkinson’s

geuagaA non-contact boxing  & fitness class! 

Fighting against Parkinson’s is a class for seniors diagnosed with or who have early onset Parkinson’s disease whose symptoms are mild. This class will provide non-contact boxing style fitness programs. The goal of this program is to delay the progression of Parkinson symptoms. Strength, speed, balance, and flexibility will be worked on through a variety of exercises and core conditioning.  Improving your overall fitness levels, maintaining a strong healthy body while working on postural imbalances and increasing your core strength will be focused on throughout this program.

If you are interested please call Sandy McLeod at the Geauga Dept on Aging at 279-2137 to register.

igniteClasses will be on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

9:30 to 11:00

Held at Ignite Sports Center

Monthly fee is $45.00